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Line of Time
Alliances and Partnerships
Social Responsibility


Multialloy appears in the RESEARCH of EXAMINATION PME: And belongs to the top 100 PMES that grow the most in Brazil (Growth of 72% during period 2004 - 2006)

Foundation of the International Unit Multialloy - Belgium;
Acquirement of the neighboring land of the Barueri unit;
Construction of the Barueri Unit. 

Multialloy won for the fourth time the Company Citizens Award

Created Multialloy Social Responsibility Group in order to contribute to social programs, campaigns, social and environmental awareness, and more...

Creation of a business unit for the production of screws made of special alloys;

Exclusive Representation in Brazil of the French company LBI for the commercialization of CuCrZr electrodes


2003 up to 2005  

In 2005, Multialloy won for the third time the Company Citizen Award.
In 2003, Multialloy won once again the Company Citizen Award.
Medium growth of 450%.


Creation of the sales force advisory. Company exceeds the number of 100 employees.


Multialloy won the Company Citizen Award.
Expansion of the sales force with the employment of representatives for the states of South and Northeast Brazil;

Moving to the marshlands of Lapa


Conclusion of the first procedure to nationalize parts for Petrobras


Partnership with ABRASERVICE for exclusive sale of CREUSABRO plates.

The 2nd complete Multialloy catalog of alloys was created.


Partnership with the company CLAL MSX (France) for exclusive representation in Brazil of NICLAL and NICLAFOR alloys.


Partnership with Fernando Silveira to manufacture plates for the battery brand OCTAGON.


Manufacture of the brake system for the subway of Brasilia (electrical resistances of VREA)


Change of address from Tito Street to Salvador Leme Street because of the expansion of the company

1992 - 1993

Creation of Usilam (park in São Paulo) with the purpose to provide services for processing special alloys.


Foundation of the company Engeligas

Multialloy had only 8 employees. In that time was the 1st complete catalogue of Multialloy published

Michel Bex assumes control of Multialloy (Company located in Tito Street, Lapa – São Paulo) and develops a partnership with the Plant called “Serras Saturnino.”

1985 - 1986

Foundation of Multialloy with focus on copper alloys

To clarify your question please contact us through our channel of communication


Rua Emilio Goeldi, # 411
Zipe Code: 05065-110
Lapa - São Paulo - SP
Phone: 11 3871.6270
Fax: 11 3871.6288 - 3871.6299
Federal Tax ID: 54.228.440 / 0001 - 20
INSC. EST: 111. 226. 646.110

Rua Monte Fuji, # 356
Zipe Codel: 06423-030
Bairro dos Altos - Barueri – SP
Phone: 11 4199.2600
Fax: 11 4199.2602
Federal Tax ID: 54.228.440/0003-91
INSC. EST: 206.251.629.119

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